Impact & Policy

Since 2011 we have provided 1800 young women and girls with over 2 million contact hours of 1-1 therapeutic mentoring, group sessions, football coaching and extra curricular opportunities. 

We use nationally validated measures to track mental health and learning, with proven outcomes. 

This approach has been recognised by Dove England, London Youth, Sports England and our partner schools to significantly develop physically and emotionally healthy young women through football in schools.

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Of girls and young women who were at risk of exclusion at the start of the academic year, completed the entire academic year in school.


Of our participants have progressed to local grassroots football clubs and/or signed to academy clubs.


Our current retention rate: a total of 220 girls took part in our development programme, with 214 continuing/staying on the programme.


Of our girls and young women have continued sports beyond secondary education and outside our programme. With 1 in 8 taking on coaching roles at Goals4Girls.


Of our participants were inactive and did not engage in sports prior to signing up for the Goals4Girls programme.


Of the participants in the programme have reported a significant improvement in confidence, resilience and friendship making abilities.


Of our girls and young women who suffer from depression, experienced fewer associated symptoms.